IRS SS-4 EIN Application

How To Get an EIN Number Online

Once you’ve received and printed your approved IRS SS-4 Form you may open a bank account. If your EIN Number was issued for a business, such as an LLC, you’ll need to complete articles of incorporation in your state.

TIN - Tax ID Number

Employer Identification Numbers are issued with the objective of tax management and aren’t meant for involvement in any actions (e.g., tax lien auction or revenue, lottos, etc.)
Company Tax Obligations Described (Publications 15, 15-An and 15B)
Publication 15 supplies advice on company tax obligations associated with which tax statements should be submitted and wages, work tax withholding. More complicated problems are discussed in Publication 15-An and tax remedy of several fringe benefits can be found in Publication 1-5. We urge companies download these publications.
Tax Exempt Business Information

If you consider your company qualifies for tax exempt standing (whether or not you’ve got a pre-requisite to apply for an official opinion), make certain your firm is shaped officially before you apply for an EIN. Almost all organizations exempt under IRC 501(a) are susceptible to automatic revocation of the tax-exempt position if they don’t file a required annual information return or notice for three straight years. When you apply for an EIN, we presume you’re lawfully formed and the clock begins running with this three-year span.
Example: Your company selects a December accounting period and applies for an EIN in November 2014. Your first tax period would end on December 3 1, 2014, and your first return or not ice ( in case your organization will not satisfy among the few exceptions to the yearly reporting requirement) would be due May 15, 2015. You’d be susceptible to automatic revocation of your exemption if you don’t file for the three intervals that conclusion December 31, 2016 (reunite/observe due May 15, 20 17) or for any successive three-year interval afterwards.