Tips On How To Get TIN Number For Tax Purposes

TIN Number For Tax Purposes

Whether you file tax returns for your business or firearm trades, you will need to apply for a TIN number. If you are unfamiliar with this identification number, you may need to take the time to do some research, before you actually begin the application process. There are many steps of the form that must be completed truthfully and thoroughly, in order for your application to be accepted. Below you will discover a few tips on how to get your TIN number.


Non-Profit Organizations


Many owners of non-profit organizations are not aware of their need for a TIN. It is crucial that your organization has followed through with all legalities involving the startup. If the organization is not formed legally, then you are breaking federal and state laws. Before you actually apply for a TIN, you should make sure that it was formed legally. If you fail to file a tax return in 3 consecutive years, you may find yourself struggling with a much different legality. Your tax exempt status is subject automatic revocation, so be sure to keep this in mind.


Responsible Party


If you are a business owner or a grantor of a trust, you will be named the sole responsible party. Of course, in some cases there will be more than one responsible party of an entity. You will be required to provide the Internal Revenue Service of any and all responsible parties, if you want them recognized, as such.




You can apply for a TIN online at the IRS or Social Security Administration websites. There you will find an unlimited array of data that will assist you throughout the process. The application is fairly self-explanatory, but do not leave any blanks untouched to avoid having the application denied. You can rest assured that the information provided with be guarded in the utmost confidential manner.


Third Party Designee


If you want to ensure yourself that the application will be completed appropriately, you can use a third party designee to help you. This individual or company will take on the responsibility of helping the client complete the application, so they will receive their TIN number in a timely manner. You will be expected to pay the designee a fee for this service, but this does not include any type of legal guidance.




Once your application is submitted, the IRS will retrieve it and begin processing immediately. It may take up to 1-3 business days, before the process is completed.