What You Should Know About Applying For A TIN Number

Applying For A TIN Number

If you own a business that requires you to file tax returns and statements, you will need a tax identification number. The Internal Revenue Service or IRS utilizes this number to identify the commercial tax payer. Those that receive tax treaty benefits will require a TIN number, as well. If you fit into these categories, you will find the information below very helpful in getting you started with the application process.

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Social Security Number

Before you are able to apply for your TIN number, you will need a social security number. This number must be placed on the form, before you can submit it to the IRS. You can apply for the social security number online or in person at the social security administration. It may take several weeks, before you application will be accepted, so be sure to apply early, so there will be no delay in applying for your TIN.

Each State

A TIN is different than the social security number in that you will be required to apply for a TIN in each federal and state jurisdiction. So if you do business in several states, you will need to fill out an application for each location. It is crucial to note that the IRS will only accept 5 applications per one business day. This limit is due to the large volume of EIN requests being submitted.

Sole Proprietorship

If your business not an LLC or incorporated, but it is a sole proprietorship, then you will not be required to have submit a TIN number on your tax returns. In this case, you will utilize your personal social security number, as your default tax ID. This will definitely save you the grief of having to deal with the application process.

ss-5 social security card

Rush Delivery

If you need to obtain your tax identification number immediately, you have the option of selecting “Rush Delivery”. The IRS will accept these expedient application requests over the “Standard Delivery”, which takes several business days. The expedient delivery option will cost you an additional $50, but if you are in immediate of a TIN, then it will be worth it to have your application processed quicker.


It is crucial that you complete the application fully and do not leave any questions unanswered. If your application is denied, this will only prolong the process. If you need assistance is completing your application, be sure to visit the Internal Revenue Service online website.