TIN Number Online Application

How to apply for your TIN Number online to save time and money.

Here we’ll be showing you how to apply for your TIN Number online so you that you can file your own TIN Number Application, also known as an SS-4 Form EIN Employer Identification Number application.

There are multiple ways to file your Tax ID number, also known as an EIN. You can file with a law firm which usually costs around $500, you can attempt to self file which gets even more expensive if done wrong, and very time consuming. or you can simply click here and apply online like most people do.

If you have a business entity such as an LLC or incorporation of any site with the secretary of state, a sole proprietorship, trust or estate then you will be required to have a TIN number.

TIN Number

You are required to have a Tax ID / EIN in order to open bank accounts and process financial transactions with your new business as well as all trust and estates.

2017 SS-4 Form updates will be released from the IRS Oct 15, we will post any modifications here although none are currently anticipated.

You can apply for your EIN number online at Federal Tax Identification for same day assisted application processing, we suggest obtaining your state documents prior to submitting any federal documentation.